Motorcycle Helmet Safety Ratings

Motorcycles are becoming a more popular mode of travel in the US. In 2020 alone, sales were up 67% from the previous year, with American consumers buying 780,000 motorcycles. While motorcycles offer compact, efficient, and [...]


Reporting Staff – China

The Reporting Staff will perform all duties pertaining to reporting including, but not limited to, writing compliance and R&D reports, revising reports, reviewing reports, creating templates, and updating templates.


Technical Editor/Writer

The Technical Editor/Writer’s primary responsibilities will be tasks related to document production and review for various departments within ACT Lab. Responsibilities will also include assisting with document lifecycle management tasks. Strong technical editing/writing skills are a must, along with excellent collaborative capabilities and an eye for detail. ACT is interested in candidates with a background in technical editing/writing and/or engineering but is open to candidates from backgrounds with transferable skills, such as the curriculum development or professional publication fields.

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