A Guide to Helmet Testing

Helmets are one of the most important pieces of protective gear for anyone engaged in activities that carry the risk of head injury. From cycling to football, motorcycle riding to construction work, helmets are designed [...]


Product Testing in China

China is a leader in product manufacturing and exports. The country produces 28.7% of manufactured products that are distributed around the globe. For US product distributors, partnering with manufacturers in China can be an attractive [...]


Testing Children’s Garments

If you produce garments and apparel it is important to be aware of specific regulations your product may be subject to. Garment testing is unique in that both voluntary and mandatory tests should be considered [...]


Global Product Safety Testing

We understand that in today's e-commerce centered world manufacturers have to distribute and produce their products to markets around the globe. From offering our clients a number of testing locations around the world to meeting [...]

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