NTA-8776 Standard & Testing

NTA-8776 Standard & Testing Certification for helmets that is used for e-bikes, micromobility and other light powered vehicles Submit a Test What is standard NTA-8776 The Netherlands introduced a new e-bike helmet standard known as [...]


Certifying your E-Bike Products

E-Bikes Why Is It Important To Certify Your Product Certification in the E-Bike industry, ensuring safety and quality, to the global market with standards like ANSI/CAN/UL/ULC - 2271, 2272, 2849 and EN 15194. Submit a Test [...]


ACT Lab’s March Newsletter

The Latest Updated Australian Bicycle Helmet Safety Standard Australia's Assistant Treasurers and Minister for Financial Services, the Hone. Stephan Jones MP, has established the Consumer Goods (Bicycle Helmets) Safety Standard 2024. The standard will continue to provide strong guidelines for the design, construction, testing, and labeling of bicycle helmets, aimed [...]

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Amazon Service Provider Network

ACT Lab part of the Cotecna group is now a part of the Amazon Service Provider Network (Amazon SPN), both on Amazon World Wide SPN and Amazon China SPN. Amazon SPN is a third-party service provider network dedicated to supporting global sellers on Amazon marketplaces. ACT Lab is happy to be a member of [...]


Toy Safety Update: ASTM F963-23

ASTM F963 Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety ASTM International recently released the latest version of ASTM F963, a comprehensive standard in charge of Toy Safety for products aimed at children under the age of 14. This updated edition specifies essential requirements and testing methodologies crucial for ensuring the [...]

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ACT Lab’s January Newsletter

Reese's Law for Button Cell or Coin Batteries Reese's Law mandates the CPSC to establish safety standards for products with button cell or coin batteries. The rule, effective from October 23, 2023, incorporates ANSI/UL 4200A-2023, requiring secure battery compartments and warnings on packaging. Testing and certification start from December 20, [...]

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What Are ASTM Standards?

In the realm of quality assurance and standardization, ASTM standards play a pivotal role in ensuring the reliability and consistency of products across various industries. Whether you are involved in manufacturing, electronics, or any other sector, understanding ASTM standards is essential for maintaining quality and meeting regulatory requirements. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve [...]

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