Recent Regulations for Products with
Button Cell or Coin Batteries

Effective March 19, 2024, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is implementing new regulations for manufacturers and importers of consumer products that contain button cell and coin batteries, or are intended to use them. These regulations include updated labeling requirements and performance standards for products made or imported on or after March 19, 2024.

CPSC’s new rule (88 FR 65274) adopts ANSI/UL 4200-2023 as a safety standard for consumer products with button cell or coin batteries made or imported after October 23, 2023. Third-party testing for children’s products started December 20,2023.

The rules under Reese’s Law apply to “consumer products” with button or coin cell batteries, defined by the CPSA as items for sale or personal use in households, schools, recreation, or similar contexts.

Reese’s Law regulations set standards for consumer product containing button cell or coin batteries, regardless of how the batteries are packaged. However, Section 3 of Reese’s Law imposes additional requirements on the sale of these batteries themselves, requiring packaging compliance with Poison Prevention Packaging ACT (PPPA). Therefore, products sold with these batteries face stricter regulations compared to standalone products (batteries not included).

Manufacturers and importers need to be aware of the recent regulatory changed regarding products with button cell or coin batteries. They should promptly ensure their products meet the new rule by seeking legal advice if needed. Collaboration with suppliers is crucial for compliance. Manufactures and importers should prioritize these CPSC requirements during their compliance assessments to address any gaps.

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