Developing safe products that adhere to regulatory requirements can be a daunting task. Our extended services can assist those seeking information about product safety requirements, product development, quality assurance, and help set testing and auditing plans to confirm products maintain a consistent level of quality and minimize long-term costs associated with errors.

Audit Assurance and Consulting

Our services across strategy, engineering, technology, product safety, standards, and operations are differentiated in the marketplace and have enabled top consumer product companies to successfully achieve their business goals. ACT Lab will help you strategize and formulate new organizational approaches in response to internal and external influences. The product portfolio has to respond to social trends, consumer taste, environmental sustainability, rising emerging market economies, legislative pressures, and demographic disparity.

Successful R&D management helps to link business strategy with the company’s product portfolio. It takes into account the dynamics of new technologies and new possibilities they can provide to customers. The innovation process is a balance between engineering freedom and commercial feasibility.

Quality Control & Assurance

Quality control is used to ensure a certain level of quality in a product or service and includes the thorough verification of certain characteristics of a product or service. It emphasizes on the testing of products to uncover defects and to ensure that products are dependable, satisfactory, safe and fiscally sound. Our goal is to ensure that products and services meet specific requirements and characteristics provided by the CPSC standards and regulations.

Product Testing Plans

Our product testing plans can help you produce a product with a lower production cost, improve upon your current products performance, address safety issues within your product, and more. We lend support to a wide range of entrepreneurs and manufacturers looking to create better products in an effort to drive sales.

Safety Inspection & Auditing Services

We provide a wide variety of testing services to ensure that all products comply with CPSC and other global standards and regulations. Before we begin our testing services, we perform a thorough safety inspection to give clients an assessment of their product or service. We can deliver a detailed audit report with specifications as to which components comply with standards and which components require improvement. This safety inspection is crucial in delivering a final product to market as it can eliminate future costs in recalls and reduce liabilities associated with their products.

Recall Guidance

In addition to our general business consulting services, we offer recall guidance to safeguard against past product failures. In addition, we assist manufacturers, importers, retailers and others in the regulated community in understanding their responsibilities and what steps they should take when either the staff informs them, or they become aware of, a violation of statutes and regulations.