International Accreditation Service logoACT Lab is excited to announce that president and founder of the company, John Bogler, has been appointed chairperson to the International Accreditation Service (IAS) Technical Advisory Council for Testing Laboratories. With over 20 years of experience in the compliance, product testing, and standard development industries, Bogler will provide valuable input on the development of accreditation criteria for testing laboratories.

“IAS is one of the leading accreditation bodies across the globe, and I’m honored to be on the team,” says Bogler. “I know firsthand how important quality accreditation services are for test labs, and I look forward to confirming test labs operate at the highest of standards with IAS.”

IAS accredits testing laboratories to ISO/IEC Standard 17025 as well as 20+ other calibration, testing, inspection, and industry-specific standards. IAS accreditations demonstrate to the marketplace and to regulators that the laboratories have met specific accreditation requirements and are periodically monitored for compliance.

As chairperson, Bogler will play a key role in all aspects of the testing laboratory accreditation process. The IAS Board of Directors has unanimously approved Bogler’s appointment to this position now through 2022.

About John Bogler
President and founder of ACT Lab John Bogler bring over 20 years of compliance, research and development testing, product design, engineering, and standard development experience to the company.

Before founding ACT Lab, John worked for Shimano American Corporation for six years where he oversaw North American operations and several other departments including quality control, customer service, product development, product testing, and legal. In his time at Shimano, he developed skills in manufacturing processes, failure analysis, product development, product liability, risk analysis, and corporate law. In 2000, John co-founded Collision and Injury Dynamics, Inc., a premier forensic engineering firm. There he provided engineering design and consultation to individuals, manufacturers, attorneys, and agencies for cities, counties, and states. In 2008 John founded ACT Lab LLC., a leading quality-assurance testing laboratory focused primarily within the bicycle, helmet, and sporting goods industries.

John holds a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from the University of California, Irvine.

About ACT Lab
ACT Lab is an ISO/IEC accredited laboratory consultation services inc. that conducts consumer product safety and compliance testing for an active world. Specialties include the mechanical and chemical testing of bikes and accessories, helmets, e-mobility products, children’s products, and additional sporting goods. ACT Lab’s services extend beyond testing with an industry-leading team of experts providing individualized guidance on product evaluation, research and development, auditing, and quality control. With four test labs and six corporate offices across the globe, ACT Lab works with customers to navigate compliance through all aspects of the supply chain to deliver safe and reliable products to consumers.