Technical Editor/Writer

The Technical Editor/Writer’s primary responsibilities will be tasks related to document production and review for various departments within ACT Lab. Responsibilities will also include assisting with document lifecycle management tasks. Strong technical editing/writing skills are a must, along with excellent collaborative capabilities and an eye for detail. ACT is interested in candidates with a background in technical editing/writing and/or engineering but is open to candidates from backgrounds with transferable skills, such as the curriculum development or professional publication fields.


Service Representative

Service Representatives are the key role in project oversight as liaison between client and operations for comprehensive and timely deliverables. Primary duties are to communicate project milestones, needs, and statuses from project approvals to final billables. Service Representatives will assist in building and maintaining customer relations and confidence in ACT, as well as company stream of revenue through consistent timely deliverables.


Jr. Sales Associate

The Jr. Sales Associate is responsible for all sales activities and job duties, from lead generation through to close. This individual will be able to elevate company standards, achieve sales goals, and meet client’s expectations. The Sales Staff is also responsible for duties that are requested by their manager.


Helmet Technician

The Helmet Testing Staff is responsible for the execution of mechanical helmet testing for ACT Lab’s clients to ensure compliance with applicable standards. The Helmet Testing Staff will be responsible for maintaining test equipment, utilizing equipment for product testing, and reporting results back to the lead of the Department or Lab Manager to determine the next course of action.

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