Selling your product at various retail stores is a great way for an e-commerce business to expand its sales channels and diversify from relying solely on Amazon. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that specific retailers have strict requirements, all products sold through them must comply with relevant regulations and mandatory safety standards.

Here are a few rules sellers should follow to be able to fully comply with rules and regulations.

  1. Research laws, regulations, and standards.
  2. Understand and comply with regulations and standards.
  3. Provide documented verification of compliance.
  4. Submit products for testing
  5. Inform the retailer immediately of products that are non-compliant/unsafe.

ACT Lab has the expertise to assist you with all the information related to your product. Figuring out the right type of testing required for your product and finding a laboratory that can fulfill those needs without the hassle of dealing with multiple facilities can be overwhelming. ACT is here to simplify the process and offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your testing requirements.

Why Choose ACT as your testing partner?

ACT Lab helps you ensure product safety and compliance with ease. Our flexible solutions cater to your volume needs, keeping costs low per item. Partner with us for a smooth path to success in product safety and compliance.

  • Testing reports approved by multiple retailers.
  • Cater to your own volume needs to keep costs low per item tested.
  • ACT Lab is trusted for advisory services for the development of test protocols for retailers.
  • Comprehensive solution for product testing.

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ACT-LAB is an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory that conducts consumer product safety and compliance testing for an active world. We can help ensure that your products both meet industry standards and are inspected to ensure the utmost quality.

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