What does product compliance mean to Amazon?

As a seller, it’s crucial to have a good understanding of and adhere to Amazon’s product and compliance policies. This approach not only enhances your chances of achieving success on the Amazon platform but also safeguards you from practices that might lead to penalties, restricted listings, or potential exclusion from selling on Amazon.

A product is considered compliant when it satisfies all applicable legal prerequisites. These regulations and safety standards are comprehensive and in certain exhibit significant variations across diverse product categories and global regions.

Your path to success with ACT Lab

Selling on Amazon opens incredible opportunities for your business, but it comes with the responsibility of acknowledging Amazon’s policies on product safety and compliance. Non-compliance can not only impact your sales but also have significant consequences for your overall business.

As a seller, it is crucial to understand and comply with all of Amazon’s policies, ensuring that your products align with the relevant laws and regulations of your market, such as REACH, CPSIA, Prop 65, and more. At ACT Lab, we are committed to supporting your compliance efforts, providing trusted testing and certification services to ensure the safety and quality of your products.

Why Choose ACT as your testing partner?

ACT Lab can help you navigate the complexities of product safety and compliance with confidence and success. Whether you’re a small-scale startup or an established enterprise, we are committed to finding the right balance for affordability for each product and we will offer flexible solutions that cater to your specific volume requirements, ensuring the per-item cost is kept as low as possible.

  • CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) Approved: Click here to view.
  • Fast and Flexible: Same-day inspections once arrived at the lab and lab reports are delivered within 3 days.
  • Transparent pricing: Instant quotes, flexible pricing depending on the product
  • Right for you: ACT Lab understands the needs of your business to be successful.
  • Comprehensive solution for product testing: Get all your product testing done within 1 lab.

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Why you should test with ACT Lab

With a distinguished history of associations with renowned big box retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, Costco, Amazon, and Dick’s Sporting Goods, ACT Lab stands as a reliable name in the industry. Our expertise extends beyond testing! We play a crucial role in advisory services and test protocol development, helping clients navigate the complexities of product testing requirements.

As leaders in the Testing, Inspection, and Certification world, we have successfully resolved numerous issues related to identifying the appropriate testing needs for different products. Partner with ACT Lab and test your product’s performance, ensuring compliance, safety, and quality every step of the way.


ACT-LAB is an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory that conducts consumer product safety and compliance testing for an active world. We can help ensure that your products both meet industry standards and are inspected to ensure the utmost quality.

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