Helmet Safety Testing

Helmets: whether you are wearing one on a jobsite or on a bike ride, having one on your head during an impact can make the difference between a serious brain injury and/or death or a minor hit to the head.

Studies show that a properly fitted helmet can prevent serious brain damage like concussions, memory loss, sleep disturbances, cognitive problems, and death.

Organizations around the world have set strict standards in place for helmet manufacturers to make sure that helmets are compliant with safety standards to keep wearers safe.

At ACT LAB, we make your company and your customers’ safety our top priority. In this article we will discuss the different types of helmet testing we perform and what kinds of helmet testing you might have to perform depending on your company’s product protocols.

Testing Services

Helmet testing is not created equal. Testing can look very different even when it comes to the various headgear used for sports such as helmets for bicycling vs snow sports like snowboarding.

Every helmet should have a sticker on the inside, and sometimes on the back exterior, that lists the helmet weight, manufacturing information, and safety certifications, among other information. Helmet testing is necessary in order to protect the public from injuries. At ACT Lab, we perform tests including: force/impact absorption, strap strength, roll-off prevention, peripheral vision and more that comply with CPSC standards and provide safety in falls or crashes. Bicycle helmets that fail any of the requirements violate the Consumer Product Safety Act.

Certifications and tests for helmets have been established by the following organizations:

  • DOT – Department of Transportation
  • ASTM – American Society for Testing and Martials
  • CPSC – Consumer Product Safety Commission
  • ISO – International Organization for Standardization
  • ANSI – American National Standards Institute
  • SFI – SEMA Foundation Inc

If you are wondering if we perform a specific type of test related to your product, please contact us directly.

  • CPSC 16 CFR Part 1203 Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmets
  • DOT FMVSS 218 Motorcycle Helmets
  • EN 1077 Alpine Skier and Snowboarder Helmets
  • EN 1078 Cyclists, Skateboarder and Roller Skate Helmets
  • ASTM Standard F 1446 Performance Characteristics of Protective Headgear
  • ASTM Standard F 1447 Bicycle or Roller Skating Helmets

  • ASTM Standard F 1492 Skateboarding and Trick Roller Skating Helmets
  • ASTM Standard F 1849 Short Track Speed Ice Skating (Not Hockey)
  • ASTM Standard F 1898 Infants and Toddlers
  • ASTM Standard F 1952 Downhill Mountain Bicycle Racing Helmets
  • ASTM Standard F 2040 Recreational Snow Sports Helmets

  • ASTM Standard F 2032 BMX Cycling Helmets
  • ASTM Standard F 1163 Horse Sports and Horseback Riding Headgear

  • SFI 24.1 Youth Full Face Helmets (except Sections 5.1.1)
  • SFI 31.1A Open Faced Helmets
  • SFI 41.1A Open Faced Motor Sports Helmets

Bicycle Helmet Testing

There are currently about 10 bicycle helmet safety standards around the world. Depending on where you distribute your product, your helmet may have to meet some or all of these standards. Our team can help you establish which standards are necessary for your product to meet to be in compliance with local and global standards.

In the U.S., every bicycle helmet is required to meet the CPSC 1203 standard.

Motorcycle Helmet Testing

In the United States, all motorcycle helmets must meet the “DOT standard”. The current DOT rating that is in effect now is the federal stand FMVSS 218.

The standard for motorcycle helmets in European nations is the ECE No. 22. The ECE has additionally adopted the new no 22.06 standard which includes the testing of rotational oblique impacts. 

Other Helmet Testing

Helmets play a vital, life-saving role in many activities. We also offer testing for manufacturers who make specialized helmets for equestrian riders, snowboarders, BMX cyclers, skiers, skaters, and more.

Specialized helmets can have their own standards so it is important to consult with a third-party expert like ACT LAB before going into production.


ACT-LAB is an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory that conducts consumer product safety and compliance testing for an active world. We can help ensure that your products both meet industry standards and are inspected to ensure the utmost quality.

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