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E-Mobility Product Testing

There’s never been a better time for manufacturers to bring a new e-mobility product to market — and ACT-LAB is here to make the path to success even less bumpy.

ACT LAB is a leader in e-mobility product testing

Our labs around the world have the capabilities to perform comprehensive testing on your products to ensure the quality and safety of anything from bikes to scooters before going into market. Depending on your intended market of distribution, we will also help you make sure that you meet local and national regulations specific to your product. Contact us today to begin testing!


About Our Testing Process

ACT LAB is at the forefront of the e-mobility revolution. We provide comprehensive testing services for a variety of e-mobility products and are constantly updating our testing capabilities as new products hit the market.

ACT LAB offers testing for the following e-mobility products:

  • Electric bicycles (e-bikes)
  • Electric scooters (e-scooters)
  • E-skates
  • E-skateboards and hoverboards
  • E-rideshare products
  • Custom testing solutions

E-Mobility Testing Requirements

The main concern for electric mobility vehicles is the battery component. After a string of incidents involving battery fires, stricter standards were put in place to ensure the safety of batteries in such products.

At ACT LAB we offer the following testing to ensure the battery safety of your device:


  • ANSI/CAN/UL 2271 – Batteries for Use in Light Electric Vehicles
  • ANSI/CAN/UL 2272 – Electrical Systems for Personal E-Mobility Devices
  • ANSI/CAN/UL 2849 – Electrical Systems for eBikes
  • ASTM F264l – Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Recreational Powered Scooters and Pocket Bikes
  • ASTM F2642 – Consumer Safety Specification for Safety Instructions and Labeling for Recreational Powered Scooter and Pocket Bikes
  • CPSC 16 CFR Part 1263 – Safety Standard for Button Cell or Coin Batteries
  • ICES 003 – Information Equipment
  • (FCC) 47 CFR Part 15 -B Unintentional Radiators
  • UL 1310 – Class 2 Power Units
  • UL 4200A – Products Incorporating Button Batteries or Coin Cell Batteries


  • DIN 79010 Cycles – Transportation bikes and cargo bikes – Requirements and test methods for single and multi track cycles
  • EN 15194 – Electrically Power Assisted Bicycles
  • EN 17128 – Personal light electric vehicles (PLEV)

  • EN 17404 – Cycles – Electrically Power Assisted Cycles – EPAC Mountain Bikes
  • EN 17860 – Carrier cycles
  • EN 50604 – Secondary Lithium Batteries for Light EV Applications
  • UN 38.3 – Transportation Testing for Lithium Batteries and Cells

We also offer a variety of tests that can test the materials, components, and composition of your product to ensure absolute safety and avoid costly recalls that could affect the reputation of your brand.

The Importance of Comprehensive Testing

Our tests can help you keep your consumers and your company safe. The tests we perform look out for common faults in emobility products like brake failure, wobbly wheels, handlebar malfunctioning, and more. When you work with us you can take your product to market with confidence.

If you’re looking to distribute your product in global markets such as Europe, Asia, or elsewhere, we can also help you meet other regional testing requirements.

Check our e-mobility testing and everything you need to know for more information.

What makes ACT-lab the world’s best e-mobility product testing solution?

Our rich history in the e-mobility industry allows us to provide unrivaled testing & consultation services throughout the entire supply chain — safely bringing your product to market faster than the competition.

  • Accredited Expertise

    Enter the market with confidence, by relying on our accredited testing services administered by experienced professionals. Committee involvement with regulatory bodies: CPSC, ISO, ASTM, UL, ANSI, EN, GB, and more.

  • Global, State-of-the-Art Facilities

    Our testing facilities are located globally in key manufacturing regions, helping streamline logistics, ensuring your products undergo thorough testing to keep you ahead in the competitive market.

  • Risk Mitigation

    Identify potential issues early in the product development cycle, mitigate risks, and avoid costly recalls or compliance issues, enhancing brand reputation and customer trust.

  • Comprehensive & Customized Testing

    Access a wide range of testing services, including safety, durability, performance, and compliance, to ensure product quality and consumer safety. Our customized testing programs help ensure cost-effectiveness and efficiency, and allow us to help develop product messaging and more!

  • International Acclaim

    Leverage our internationally recognized testing and certification services to access global markets and demonstrate compliance with regional and international standards, opening up new opportunities for growth.

  • Continuous Improvement 

    Partner with a testing laboratory committed to continuous improvement, staying updated with the latest industry trends, technologies, and regulatory requirements to provide you with cutting-edge — and universally compliant — solutions.

  • Industry Insights

    Gain valuable insights and recommendations based on test results, helping you make informed decisions, improve product design, and meet market demands effectively.

  • Responsive Customer Support

    Leverage our internationally recognized testing and certification services to access global markets and demonstrate compliance with regional and international standards, opening up new opportunities for growth.

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ACT-LAB is an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory that conducts consumer product safety and compliance testing for an active world. We can help ensure that your products both meet industry standards and are inspected to ensure the utmost quality.

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