Coronavirus Update

17 June 2020

ACT Lab’s highest priorities are to help our customers get their products to market and to make the world a safer place. This mission remains the same as we face these uncertain times. We understand that the coronavirus pandemic is directly affecting our customers’ ability to do business, and we intend to be as helpful and transparent as possible in providing outstanding testing services.

Currently, all ACT Lab locations are open and operating in compliance with relevant public safety orders. We are thankful to report that everyone in our ACT Lab family is healthy and we are taking extra precautions to ensure the health and wellbeing of our staff, customers, and global community. As the situation changes daily, we will continue to update this webpage with any relevant information. For more frequent updates, join our mailing list here. 

Employee Safety

We are taking several precautions to ensure the safety and health of our employees: 

  • Twice daily cleaning of all touch surfaces with an alcohol-based cleaner (doors, doorknobs, counters, railings, countertops, desks, phones, computers, etc.)
  • Shipments, samples, and other packages are thoroughly cleaned with alcohol-based cleaner before entering the labs 
  • Hand sanitizer is available in all office areas and employees are required to consistently wash hands throughout the day 
  • Face masks are provided for all employees 
  • Employees are required to follow social distancing protocols at all times  
  • Limited staff allowed in the test labs
  • No outside visitors allowed 
  • All company travel is postponed indefinitely

Commitment to Customers

As of today, all ACT Lab locations are open and operating as usual. We do, however, recognize that some disruptions to testing may be unavoidable in the future. As always, we remain committed to providing stellar customer service and full transparency about testing timelines. Customers are encouraged to contact their sales representative directly or contact JohBogler (President) and Jonathan Drake (Vice President) directly.

John Bogler

Jonathan Drake
Vice President

Regional Updates

United States
ACT Lab LLC in Long Beach, CA remains open and operating in compliance with Los Angeles County public safety orders. 

Taicang ACT Sporting Goods Testing Co. in Taicang City, Suzhou reopened on February 24 after a government-mandated closure, and remains open and operating today. 

ACT Testing Inc. in Daya District, Taichung has not experienced any closures and remains open and operating. 

The opening of ACT Testing Co in Long An Province has been delayed due to issues stemming from the coronavirus pandemic. We are still aggressively pursuing all options to get our new lab up and running and hope to provide an opening date within the next few months.