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Ensuring the safety and quality of footwear is a multifaceted process that requires rigorous testing and evaluation. One integral component of this process is the involvement of third-party laboratories. At ACT Lab, we understand the significance of footwear safety testing

Why Choose ACT Lab for Leather & Footwear Testing

Footwear can be subject to a variety of specific tests. For manufacturers, this can be complicated and overwhelming. Choosing a qualified 3rd-party testing laboratory like ACT LAB to evaluate testing needs and conduct appropriate tests can ensure your products are safe and up-to-standard before going to market


Explore our testing services to guarantee top-quality leather and footwear products that meet global standards. Our evaluations cover various environments to prevent premature wear, and our dedicated team offers expert advice for product enhancements and technical support.

  • Durability Testing

  • Components and Accessories Testing

  • Color Fastness

  • Restricted Substance List (RSL) Testing

  • Safety Footwear Testing

  • EU Directive Testing

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ACT Lab’s services extend beyond testing with an industry-leading team of experts providing individualized guidance on product evaluation, research and development, auditing, and quality control.

With testing laboratories across the globe, ACT Lab works with customers to navigate compliance through all aspects of the supply chain to deliver safe and reliable products to consumers.

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