Electric Scooter Testing

To reduce the number of injuries in powered scooters, the CPSC has taken the initiative, providing technical support for the development of new safety standards for electric and gas powered scooters. To comply with the CPSC standards, ACT Lab offers extensive scooter testing on powered scooters to reduce brake failure, wobbly wheels, lose handle bars and other product defects. Powered scooters are a relatively popular means of transportation which makes it very important that every component adheres to the industry standards and regulations.

Testing Services

  • ASTM Standard F 2264 Non-Powered Scooters
  • ASTM Standard F 2641 Powered Scooters/ Pocket Bikes
  • ASTM Standard F 2642 Safety Instructions and Labeling Specifications for Recreational Powered Scooters and Pocket Bikes
  • EN 14619 Roller Sports/Kick Scooters
  • EN 62115 Electrical Only (Scooter)

Our Testing In Action