Cargo bikeAs cities become increasingly congested with road traffic, private and commercial cargo bike and cargo e-bike sales are growing across the globe. While cargo bikes have been popular for several years, particularly in Europe, these bikes have not been subject to specific safety standards. To ensure the safety of cargo bike users, cargo, and nearby pedestrians, a cargo bike safety standard was published earlier this year.

The new German standard, DIN 79010:2020 Cycles – Transportation bikes and cargo bikes, is the first to specify the testing methods and safety requirements for cargo bikes. This standard is already accepted in parts of Europe and is expected to be adopted by ISO by the end of next year. The safety standard covers electric and non-electric, single-track, and multi-track cargo bikes meant to transport children and/or general cargo. Testing methods and requirements for DIN 79010 contain some overlap with common bike standards such as ISO 4210 and EN 15194. However, due to the heavily-loaded nature of cargo bikes, there are some crucial differences. Differences include unique test requirements for brakes and parking brakes, higher load-bearing tests for frame and fork, additional child passenger safety tests, and more.

In response to the growing need for cargo bike testing, ACT Lab now has the capability to test to the DIN 79010:2020 standard and guide customers through the certification process. ACT can also provide customers with custom research and development projects for cargo bikes of several types. To learn more, contact us at or 562-470-7215.