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Facing a Recall? We can help.

A recall is something no company wants to face. However, when it happens, the way your company deals with a recall can make the difference between seeing your organization through a challenge or failure. Partnering with a company like ACT LAB can ensure that you take the right steps if your product is recalled and [...]


The Importance of Chemical Testing

If you’re looking to ensure the best quality of your products and assure your customers that your products are free of harmful chemicals, ACT LAB is here to help. Depending on the types of products you are manufacturing, ensuring that your materials are free of hazardous chemicals like lead, mercury, and other hazardous metals is [...]


Toy Testing

The safety standards for toys around the world are becoming stricter with every year. In countries like the U.S. and Canada, manufacturers are expected to meet specific guidelines when it comes to the production quality, design, and material-specifications of infant and children’s toys. Children’s toys are defined as products intended for those 12 years of [...]


How Nonprofits can Help Expand Access to E-Mobility

The e-mobility market has rapidly expanded over the past decade and is still in its infancy. As the world seeks to find new solutions to growing problems like climate change and C02 emissions, a massive market has opened for eco-friendly vehicles of all kinds to hit the streets and offer convenient, sustainable, and accessible transportation [...]


Safety Testing 101: Helmet Testing and Certification

Helmets of all kinds can make the difference between an individual living and dying or suffering a life-impacting injury after a crash. Therefore, comprehensive helmet testing is a crucial part of the product development process for manufacturers engineering helmets for both bicyclists and motorcyclists. Check Out Our Helmet Safety Infographic The basics of helmet safety [...]


A Complete Overview Of Quality Control

When you’re ready to bring a product to market it’s both exciting and daunting. Most businesses make keeping consumers safe their priority, but it’s still easy to let avoidable issues slip through the cracks. Whether it’s safety problems, product defects, situational hazards, or customer concerns—performing product quality testing can ensure that you save time, money, [...]

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