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“I was excited when Boehmke approached us to fill our lead Marketing role,” states John Bogler, President and CEO of ACT. “We worked together at Shimano, and he has had a legacy of elevating brands in the active lifestyle business since then. We look forward to utilizing his creativity to take ACT to new heights within the consumer product safety and compliance testing business across the Globe.”

Steve’s first assignment was to attend the Outdoor Retailer Winter Show in Denver and develop plans to make trade shows even more effective for ACT.

“I’ve been fortunate to work with many industry-leading companies in my career, and ACT is right there at the top,” says Boehmke. “Safety and Compliance might not sound like the most exciting part of our business, but without them, the Action Sports Industry would not be able to thrive and grow. ACT works with some of the best and brightest and I am pumped to promote that to the Industry and the World.”

Contact Steve at the numbers and email above to discuss ACT Labs’ positive effect on the Active Lifestyle Market and keep your eyes on your inbox for more compelling news from ACT Labs in 2022 and beyond.

About ACT Lab

ACT Lab is an ISO/IEC accredited laboratory consultation services inc. that conducts consumer product safety and compliance testing for an active world. Specialties include the mechanical and chemical testing of bikes and accessories, helmets, e-mobility products, children’s products, and additional sporting goods. ACT Lab’s services extend beyond testing with an industry-leading team of experts providing individualized guidance on product evaluation, research and development, auditing, and quality control. With four test labs and six corporate offices across the globe, ACT Lab works with customers to navigate compliance through all aspects of the supply chain to deliver safe and reliable products to consumers.

Contact Steve at and 714.394.5461 (c) to discuss ACT Labs’ positive effect on the Active Lifestyle Market and keep your eyes on your inbox for more compelling news from ACT Labs in 2022 and beyond.