Frame Fatigue with Pedalling Forces Test

This video shows the frame fatigue and pedalling forces. A 1100 N force is appplied on the pedals of the bicycle for 100,000 cycles in compliance of ISO 4210.

Falling frame and mass impact test

In this video you see the ISO 4210 Falling mass frame impact for City and Trekking type bicycles. The frame and fork assembly is placed in a monorail drop impact tower, and impacted at 180mm height with a 22.5 kg weight.

Fork Bending Fatigue

A 620 Newton upwards and downwards force is applied to the aluminum racing bicycle fork in the plane of the wheel.   The fork steerer tube is held fixed as it would be installed into the actual bicycle frame. After running 100,000 cycles, the fork should not exhibit any failures of cracking or fracturing.

Frame Horizontal Fatigue Test

This video shows a bicycle frame being loaded and fatigued in the fore and aft direction.  Compliance to the testing for a racing bicycle would be 100,000 cycles of fatigue, without cracks or fractures.

Wheel Drum Test

In this video, we demonstrate a typical wheel testing assembly supported inside a safety enclosure. In this configuration, a fully assembled wheel is mounted to a pivoting assembly. The pivot assembly is adjusted so that with the wheel resting on the drum, the arms are parallel to the ground and the motion of the wheel.

Seatpost – Saddle Fatigue Test

Fatigue failure is failure that occurs after repeated cycles of stress, but at a stress that is less than that which would be required for the failure to occur with a single application. Fatigue tests are essential for the quality assurance of lightweight constructions and for the development and optimization of new products, because they [...]

Handlebar – Stem Fatigue Test

Failure of bicycle components such as the handlebar can result in a loss of steering and braking control and/or a lack of support for the rider’s weight, thereby leading to serious injury. Because bicycle manufacturers mix and match components from different suppliers, one particular assembly may be formed from components with a variety of structural [...]

Crank Fatigue Test

Besides the wheels, the cranks on your bike are the biggest things you turn to make it go forward. They translate force to your drive-train. Our crank tests measure the weight along with the stiffness to ensure that there are no potential defects that could cause accidents. A good bicycle crank should ease and enhance [...]